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News that this latest space probe has discovered a discarded Kendal Mint Cake wrapper on the outside of Mars, and, what definitely seems to be an alien space-craft seen landing on Skiddaw and discharging small people with cameras, confirms forever that Cumbria along with the Lake District has become the popular visitor location from the Universe.

Not simply could be the spectacular scenery and hospitality a tourist attraction, but another allure could be the a sense mystery, secrecy as well as perhaps a bit of disbelief surrounding a lot of the region's venues. One hundred years possibly even ago, travelers needing to cross Lake Windermere between Ferry Nab and Sawrey for the opposite shore used the help of a boatman with his fantastic small rowing-boat. One particularly stormy night, a voice was heard to necessitate transport through the wooded slopes of Claiffe Heights for the Sawrey side in the water. The boatman duly embark to recover what he assumed would have been a passenger, but, disappeared en-route. At a later date the next day, the boatman is discovered laying for the lake shore, incoherent along with deep shock. He died shortly afterwards. Thus was established the legend in the "Crier of Claiffe".

Moving a number of miles south on the village of Natland, near Kendal, the customers is faced with the sticky problem of unraveling the riddle in the Treacle Mines whose precise locale, has, in the centuries, remained a closely guarded secret known just to many of the village elders.

Sadly, researchers still can't enlist the expertise of the notable, but long dead Scots born wizard, Michael Scott. Scott is credited with casting a spell with a coven of witches and turning them in the stones which now constitute the circle of "Long Meg" near Penrith. Folklore states if visitors can count the volume of stones twice, and get through the same total whenever, then this spell will likely be broken. However, quote any try and dislodge the stones will invoke a weather storm of cataclysmic power.

The therapy lamp is abundant in Arthurian Legend. One account recounts the episode where Arthur with his fantastic nephew teamed up to outwit the scheming Grim Baron. Their quest, set with the Baron, to locate the solution to the issue "simply what does women desire" makes entertaining reading. And, what in the mystery in the Giants Grave located in the churchyard of Penrith's St. Andrews Church?

Leaving Penrith behind and recurring north on the region's capital, Carlisle, find the "Cursing Stone" browsing the doorway of an pedestrian underpass less than faraway from the original castle. This 14 a great deal of recently sculpted stone bears the 1069 words of an 16thC curse chiseled in the surface. The curse concludes by condemning the marauding Border Reivers in the age to "the deep pit of Hell". Recently, there are necessitates the stone's removal through the city by some who believe its presence brings ill-fortune.

With a lighter note, a journey to the beautiful but uncompromising stretch of Wastwater may reveal within the underwater gnome garden. It is deemed an area where, with some imagination, the inspiring setting will transport your self on any journey that you pick to quantity of magic and mystery.

These are generally but many of the many tales, fanciful you aren't, who have enchanted generations in the centuries. Nothing is that compares (i believe) into a good yarn told over the drink in a very log-fired pub amongst friends, new and old.

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