Getting Started


To start working with ZanPHP, the first necessary step is to download it. Get ZanPHP is easy, simply download it from: or git clone with the command:

git clone

The next step is to set a constants of 2 configuration files. These files are located at: /www/config

The first file to modify is the /www/config/config.basics.php which should change the following constants:

  • _domain: serves to specify the domain that our site will have.
  • _modRewrite: toggles the stylization of URLs (TRUE or FALSE).
  • _webURL: URL allows you to configure the general site will useful to load images, scripts, etc.
  • _webCharacters: allows to show the HTML with or without format (TRUE or FALSE).
  • _defaultApplication: allows to configure the default web application
  • _webState: toggles the access to the website (Active or Inactive)
  • _webLanguage: configure the default language of the website

The second file to configure is /www/config/config.database.php in the following constants:

  • _dbController: allows us to specify the database driver to use.
  • _dbHost: allows us to configure the host where the database server (usually localhost).
  • _dbUser: the user to connect to the database.
  • _dbPwd: password to connect to the database.
  • _dbName: the name of the database to which we will connect.
  • _dbPort: database port.
  • _dbPfx: the prefix our tables have.

Once these steps, we have ZanPHP ready to work, just a matter of starting to create applications.

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